Minutes: 09/13/13

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279 Days Until AUVSI SUAS Competition (June 18th, 2014)

375 Days Until Outback Challenge(September 22nd, 2014)

Fly for tots: next weekend September 20th- 21st

Next flight test: Sunday September 29th

Bug Tracker Update

Radio Link

  • Received 30dBi Rocketdish
  • Received 5.8GHz RocketM - only 600mW
  • Received new Mikrotik METAL 5SHPn - 1300mW
    • 4dB better Rx sensitivity at MCS7
  • Received new Nocket Mikrotik 912 board - 1000mW, 2x2 MIMO

Need to do: Range tests!

Range Test Plans

Short-range test

  • Hopefully this Saturday
  • DH Hill to Clarion Hotel downtown, 2km

Long-range test

  • Saturday, September 28th
  • Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock, 10km

Note: Bring autopilot radio on the tests

Autopilot C2 Link

  • New cables/antennas work great
  • RSSI looks good

To do:

  • Bring autopilot radio on the tests

Airware Autopilot

  • Received wiring harness

To do

  • Install wiring harness in Archangel

Auto tracking antenna - Old

  • Software update worked great
  • Very good throughput at flight test

Auto tracking antenna - New

To do

  • Order parts (hopefully get ServoCity discount)
  • Build
  • Test


To do

  • Design drop module!
  • Design payload winch
  • Finalize design mods

Open Discussion

Fix Generator and trailer connection

No ground pins on extension cords

Get trailer door stops

Take molds to Blueforce


  • SVS Vistec sponsor was out of town
  • IR Camera need to recontact
  • Northrup Grumman, need to talk to them
  • Spartan, get a nice compass