Minutes: 05/01/14

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  • 6 Bugs closed, 2 Bugs created.
  • Imagery
    • CPU usage reduced, etc.
    • Video capture card tested. Apparent interference after wiring into the aircraft.
  • New safety switch built and tested. It works. DIP switches are backwards.
  • Parts of Kratos arrived. Partially assembled.
    • Parts of PO possibly not received by DigiKey.
  • Odds and ends
    • Off-axis(Kim) - tried new equations, got same numbers (not good?) as before. Will work on after exams.
    • No work on drop control
    • Alan has been working egg drop mechanism. RJ needs to look over it.
    • Nose and cowl molds to be worked on next week.
    • Generator still not sold.
    • Still no new auto target recognition.
  • Flight test
    • Plan for Wednesday May 7
    • Work on IR capture beforehand
    • Run imagery system with re-installed machines
    • New safety switch testing
  • Outback Challenge Deliverable 2
    • Due May 7th
    • Meet Saturday evening to work on it 6:00