Minutes: 04/18/13

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62 Days Until Competition!!! ( No Really...)

Flight Test

  • This weekend-Sunday?
  • Pack Saturday
  • Plan
    • Continue working on Fenrir tonight tomorrow, and Saturday, if necessary
    • Fenrir full payload flights
    • Test gimbal, image capture
      • Resolution target
    • Autopilot checkout and first autonomous flight
    • SRIC Testing


  • Lots done this week
  • Autopilot installed
    • Mostly wired
  • Flight PC installed
  • POWER TOWER built and installed
  • Magnetometer installed
  • Antennas installed

Fenrir Continued

  • Lots more to do to finish for this weekend
  • Install gimbal
  • Wire safety switch
  • Finish wiring autopilot
  • Figure out how to plug in autopilot antenna
  • Paint nose


  • Piccolo Integration into Fenrir coming along
    • Simulator model created
    • Simulator not happy :(
    • Occasionally will start flying properly, but engine RPM drops to 0


  • Mre progress on image viewer
    • Mostly ready for manual targeting
  • Lots of work still needed on auto-target
  • Justin working on gimbal controller
    • Accelerometer here
  • Resolution target ready for painting

Trailer Work

  • Fenrir transport mechanism required
  • Integrate intercoms with radios
    • Have working prototype

Open Discussion

  • ARCWulf is officially retired. We need to concentrate on Fenrir, so no more work with the ARCWulf, especially before this weekend!
  • ARCWulf will be a back-up in the future
  • IF (and I mean IF) we got younger students, we could task them to make a backup Fenrir!
  • Paper should be thought about at the very least after this weeekend
  • Are we ordering new polos soon?