Minutes: 03/27/14

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83 Days Until AUVSI SUAS Competition (June 18th, 2014)

179 Days Until Outback Challenge (September 22nd, 2014)

193 Bugs Killed, 196 Still Squirming

Space Grant

  • We have the account information
  • Project assignees: update PR’s
    • Joe: Generate PO


  • Started work on downlinking smaller images initially
    • Download small images. Should allow viewing all images.
    • Requires reworking image handling on the flight PC
  • Saving storage space, backups
  • *Perhaps create a new database each year, store old data externally

Odds and ends

  • Old generator - Justin
    • needs to update Craigslist
  • Target data tool - Justin
    • Android phone in lab
  • New attempts at auto-target
    • ehh
  • Off-axis coordinate conversion - Kim
    • Kim learned new stuff!
    • In the works
  • Software testing, documentation
    • fully working flight and ground pc
  • Egg drop
    • Ryan wrote out the formula
  • IR imagery capture
    • USB capture card
    • Jesse has it in him backpack
  • SRIC ground server - Alex
    • FTP server on Romulus
    • update ip address
  • Airline Sponsorship - Will
    • Quantis Application

SUAS Update

  • Thoughts on using Sunday for flights?
  • Approximate count on total number of team members going
    • Only 5 people replied to email about interest
      • Please email

Next Flight Test

  • April 5th/6th
  • Possible mid-week afternoon flight test sooner…
    • Autopilot tuning
    • PID flight - will greatly help with above
  • Prepare
    • Drop control from autopilot
    • Drop algorithm
    • New image downlink

Outback Challenge Deliverable 2

Open Discussion

plane at {xp0, yp0, zp0}

drop point = wp with radius r wind zf_AH ={xp, yf}

egg = {xu, vy, vz}

u_dot = 1/m[x

  • [xf_dot] [u]
  • |yf_dot| = |v|
  • [zf_dot] [w]
  • After a few drops we can tune drag
  • For water bottle, set plane velocity at initial condition instead of set at zero
  • If there is not wind, the egg is released directly over the target
  • Throw the egg off a building to estimate drag
    • Need to get an egg
  • Get data from the autopilot, calculate on flight pc, drop command through autopilot
  • if there is a lot of wind, need to get drop release point for autopilot to set up autopilot leg
  • have a ground wind estimate to get rough estimate
  • or have the flight pc update the drop point on the autopilot

  • Use a paper streamer for first drop
  • Real flight simulator computer hard drive died
  • sent email to reserve Go-Pro