Minutes: 02/20/14

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118 Days Until AUVSI SUAS Competition (June 18th, 2014)

214 Days Until Outback Challenge (September 22nd, 2014)

Next Flight Test (Saturday, February 20, 2014)

  • Check function of
    • Safety switch
    • Laser altimeter
    • Autopilot (in control)
  • Return to normal system testing and practice
  • Autopilot tuning

Last Flight Test

Fenrir2 First Flight/Checkout

  • Muffler
  • Hatch
  • Safety Switch

Autopilot Checkout

  • 900MHz Antenna
  • Laser Altimeter

Imagery System

  • Grimbal
  • Camera IR/Color correction

Safety Switch

  • “Glitch” issue
  • Timer overflow bug
    • Overflow handler was not correct and would fail over to autopilot. Problem has been fixed
  • Fixed, needs some more lab testing
  • Test suite run on old rev switch?

Kratos - Fenrir2 Power System

  • Old power system installed
  • Still awaiting Space Grant account to order remaining components


  • Hatch under repair
  • Muffler needs new gasket & installation
  • Laser altimeter wiring
  • Re-install modules
  • Re-tie wiring harnesses


  • Tested at flight test
  • Performance seems good?
  • Need to do a locked-gimbal flight to check state estimate AHRS performance

SVS-VISTEK Camera Integration

  • Artifact/smearing issues
    • CCD smearing
    • Gain effects
    • Discussions with SVS

Wireless Piccolo GS Console

  • Software channel re-mapping done
  • Bench testing looks good
  • Will test at next flight test

Sponsorship Updates

  • Visit to owner of closed hobby shop
    • We got everything
    • All nooks & crannies of lab stuffed with stuff
  • Need to
    • Sort, decide what to keep
    • Sell / toss some stuff

Other Stuff

  • Old Generator
    • dropping price to $400
  • Target data tool
  • Lab Organization
  • Web interface for tagging targets - Nick
  • New attempts at auto-target