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The Club

The Aerial Robotics Club at NC State is a student organization that brings excellent students together to do excellent work. We build custom airframes, install custom electronics, write custom software, and integrate everything together into a world-ranking UAS.

Our member base consists primarily of undergraduate students at NC State, along with a few graduate student advisors. Our members come from many different majors, including Aerospace Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science. Our club welcomes all, regardless of major. We seek out students with a passion for learning new things, and applying that knowledge to solve difficult challenges.

Colin Moore President, Payload Lead

Oversees club progress and administration, writes magic code for the club, and operates the payload during flight.

Kenny Woodby Vice President

Leads the airframe design and maintenance team and works with imagery and drop control during flight tests.

David Moore Treasurer, Safety Pilot

Coordinates club funding and purchasing. Also safety pilots ARC's aircraft, helps build airframes, and flies glow-powered RC airplanes for fun.

Josh Glazer Public Relations

Manages relationships with corporate sponsors and prospective new members. Uses SolidWorks to design new components for the UAV.

Henry Lindbo Secretary

Leads the electrical subteam. Also keeps the club Wiki up to date with meeting and flight test notes.

Robert Montgomery Webmaster

Manages the Aerial Robotics Club website and maintains the on-site server and backup systems